20 May

Technological Balance

I think too much. I sit and think about things that may have happened and may happen still. I wonder how things from way back when compare to the things that are happening today. I remember riding around in my parents 1983 Mercury Capri hatchback. We called it the pregnant pinto later on, but in it’s brand new state, it was a beautiful car. It was the first car that my parents were able to buy brand new. My Mom drove it off the lot and when recounting the story later on, would tell anyone listening that they had to go and get oil for the car within 2 miles. The way they knew they needed oil was the display. At the bottom of the dash where the dash met the console, there was an outline of a car. On this car were multiple lights. If the light lit up, it meant there was a problem. It would tell you when you were low on gas, oil, overheating etc. Looking back now, I can see how rudimentary it was, but back then, I thought I was in a spaceship. WOW! The fact that every light on the display was just for looks didn’t matter to me. The gas light never went off. If you hit a bump too hard, all the lights would come on. When we finally retired the car, I remember feeling bad. It had been the worst car in the world. It broke down on us constantly and in the worst situations, but it taught me how to fix something on the fly, how to not completely trust technology and how to let go of the old and embrace the new.

Sitting here in my office at 3am, I wonder if it has always been this way. I have some friends that, to this day, still refuse to use a cell phone. I look at them and think “Why”?! Why not just embrace the change for what it is. Change. It is going to make your life easier, better, faster, stronger etc. It will help you in so many ways when you compare it to how many ways it can harm you. If you go to a farm today, farmers aren’t rolling around in tractors from 1940. No! They are using very up to date tractors that have air conditioning, auxillary outlets for their cell phones and gps tracking. Once you tend a field one time, log it, you can basically sit back and let the tractor do all the work. The amazing advances in technology aren’t lost on the one profession that you may think would be the main ones to shun it. And they’re happy! Happier than their fathers were tending fields in 100 degree weather in an open tractor. Skill is still needed, sure, but the skillset is different than of yesteryear. Do they trust technology? To a point! The main thing is to be able to do without technology if needed. We need balance. My friends who refuse to use a cell phones don’t have balance, even though they believe themselves to have more balance than the rest of the cell phone using world. They refuse to work with the world. For whatever reason, they still want the world to live in a darker, harder time. Their reasons are varied – too much radiation, too much time spent indoors, neighbors don’t communicate any longer etc. The reasons are almost always a front for their fear. They fear trusting something that has let them down in the past, because they wanted to trust it completely and it failed them. I get it. I understand their reasoning, wrong as it may be. To quote Sylvester Stallone from “Over the Top” – “The world meets nobody halfway!”. All I can say is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Know how to fix a car that doesn’t have a computer chip inside of it should the satellites come falling down, but own a nicer, newer car because…why not? Have a cell phone. You never know when you may save a life with it, if not your very own. Also know first aid. Balance! Technology in harmony with old school know how. With this balance, we have nothing to fear!



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