Bandwidth Calculator

Bandwidth Calculator

Data Storage

These days we’re all familiar with data storage, usually in the common units of megabyte or gigabyte see our Bandwidth Calculator below.  For this discussion, let’s break it down a little farther, down to the bit.  A bit (binary digit) is the single piece of information and is express as either a 0 or a 1.  A byte is a group of 8 bits.  In data storage, 1 kilobit is 1024 bits, 1 megabit is 1024 kilobits (1024 x 1024 bits), 1 kilobyte is 1024 bytes, etc. 

Data Transfer
Data transfer is measured slightly differently than storage.  For example, 1 kilobit is 1000 bits and not the 1024 we use when talking about storage.  Also, measurements are expressed as a per second format since we are discussing how much data can be moved in a given amount of time.  An example would be Kbps, which means Kilobytes Per Second. Our bandwidth calculator can help you determine how much you need.

For both data storage and transfer, proper abbreviations require the first letter to be capitalized.  The second letter, which is a “b” is capitalized when speaking of Bytes and not so when referring to bits.  To confuse matters, many people simply use “meg” interchangeably when referring to both Megabits and Megabytes.  Always seek clarification if you’re not sure.

In the Real World
Applications such as web browsers, often measure download speed in Kilobytes per second.  Hosting companies usually express speed in Megabits per second.  This can lead to confusion so be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Apples and Oranges
Unlike many data centers and hosting companies, Sprocket Networks offers provides all clients, at a minimum, a full 100Mbps connection to the Internet.  We set our price points according to how much data you move, not by the speed you move it. 

For example, our CAB1 plan offers you 800 GB of data transfer at 100Mbps per month.  By comparison, most competitors only provide a 1 Mbps connection on similar plans.  While 1 Mbps sounds good, Sprocket Networks’s 800 GB offering is better as it is equal to roughly 2.5 Mbps!  That’s more than double the value, plus you can burst up to 100 Mbps at no additional charge.

Need a quick reference?
Here are some of the more common Gigabyte per month to Mbps comparisons we see (Bandwidth Calculator):


GB per Month*








1620 (1.62TB)


3240 (3.24TB)


4860 (4.86TB)


6480 (6.48TB)

Bandwidth Calculator


Not sure how many GB you’re transferring each month?  No problem.  Simply use our bandwidth calculator below to properly size the plan you need:

Bandwidth Calculator above.

**Approximate amount, to be used for estimation only.  Sprocket Networks does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of this figure.

Still not sure what plan or options are best for your hosting, colocation, or dedicated server needs?  Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.  We’re always happy to help!

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