15 Aug

Preview your web-site before DNS propagation – Sprocket Networks

Sometimes, you want to setup a new web-site and test it before you point your DNS server to it.  With cPanel, you can preview the new site before you push your domain to it.

“Before propagation” as it is defined below is the point between when you sign up for your account and when the changes to your name servers take effect (usually about 24 hours after you change your name servers).

  • “After propagation” is once your site is up and running normally.
  • During propagation you should use the “Before propagation” format.
Place: Before Propagation: After Propagation:
cPanel http://server .u .are .hosted.on/cpanel http://yourdomain.com/cpanel
Webmail http://server .u .are .hosted.on/webmail http://yourdomain.com/webmail
Web Site http://server .u .are .hosted.on/~username/ http://yourdomain.com

Be sure to replace the information with the information from your welcome email

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