12 Sep

Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting

You may be aware that web hosting is of different types such as Cloud Hosting, dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting. If you are the webmaster or business owner running a web site, it would be your priority to simplify web hosting issues. Yet this simplicity does not mean insecurity. Each webmaster prefers sites to be hosted on secure, fast and reliable servers.

Web page inaccessibility can kill your business. It’s better to take time out of your busy schedule and consider shifting your site(s) from traditional servers to the more secured ‘Cloud-Based’ and dedicated servers.

Cloud computing is a new ‘client-server’ technology which is developed to access data from multiple devices connected online. In this type of dedicated server applications are placed in a ‘Cloud’ without the help of local computers or web servers.

There are several benefits of using cloud hosting services. You can easily scale up and maintain resources with the help of cloud computing. It has made it simpler to terminate bottlenecks and single point failure cases. It handles API calls in an easy and convenient manner and offers you SNS and SQS in order in order to distribute notifications and messages. With using RDS, S3 and SImpleDB, you can manage, share and distribute your data in the form of a simple database. You may host your websites on EC2 instances as well.

Cloud hosting ensures enhanced availability while eliminating worries of setup, hosting and maintenance.

Another option for hosting your web sites is Managed Hosting. This plan is good for those who do not have much technical knowledge and want a professional team to manage things. It contains all the main features of adedicated server.

Nowadays people are moving from self-managed server hosting to Managed Hosting because they don’t need to worry about the repair and maintenance tasks for their websites. It offers a large bandwidth and provides huge space to host your websites.

Now let’s turn to dedicated server Hosting. It is a type of hosting which lets you store and host a website on special servers dedicated for this task and you, as a web developer or administrator, would be in charge and make rules for hosting web sites.

dedicated server hosting is named so because it provides complete access to their servers. It’s unlike other hosting plans like Shared Hosting where you get access to only selected and limited resources. It is a powerful computer which works as a network server for only one account or domain name. In other words, it is an exclusive and rental use of a computer which provides above-mentioned services. As the server is not shared with anyone else, you as a client have full control on selecting hardware, operating system and application software. You may also get server administration services provided as add-on for your package.

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