21 Dec

SQL Server 2012 – Should We Use It Yet?


SQL Server 2012

Structured Query Language Server 2012 (SQL Server 2012) has been viewed by some as the best SQL Server released in over 5 years.  It has been the most anticipated and it has not disappointed.  Every new software released is met with skepticism. What is it about SQL Server 2012 that makes it so special?  SQL Server 2012 is intent on revolutionizing the perception of recovery and availability.  Presently, these concepts, recovery and availability, are viewed as individual databases (mirroring, replication, log shipping) or failover clustering which is a whole SQL Server instance.  SQL Server 2012 been designed to handle a collection of databases as a unit; this is with the enhancement of Failover Clustering. Dealing with databases as a group, other than individually, is called Availability Group.  This is required for today’s multi-database and complex applications. Availably Group permits a group of Databases to fail over as a single unit.  If there is a failure a single instance SQL server has the flexibility to fail over availability group to instance C, another availability group to instance D, and it goes on.


SQL Server 2012 has other included features that are implemented to make processing databases in a cloud easier. These features also quicken database movement between cloud and on-site server.  In SQL Server 2012 there are contained databases that were specifically built to address issues that arise when databases are moving between cloud and in-house servers. SQL Server Data Tools is a platform developed to create database solutions. It has been used in other targeted platforms such as the SQL 2005 and 2008 and also SQL Azure.  There are also options for applying changes to the server instance directly whether you are online or offline.  Data-tier application (DAC), which was introduced in SQL Server 2008 R2, is also in SQL Server 2012.  SQL 2012 with these features shows that Microsoft has signaled its intent to becoming the leading company in the growing field of big data.  I.T. professional will benefit if they begin using SQL 2012 as soon as possible.

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