05 Dec

Data Center Security – Sprocket Networks


When data moves from the one point to another especially over the cloud, there are potential dangers that are posed to the data. Coming up with methods with which data can be secured whether on transit or in the data center is therefore essential. Data security can be applied by the user or vendor depending on the platform or cloud the user decides to use. Simply put, data security is the practice of always keeping data protected from manipulation, corruption, interference and unauthorized access. Data security focuses to ensure privacy while at the same time protecting the data whether personal or corporate.

Data Center Security can be enhanced by the use and application of certain tools to this effect. It is import to realize that it is not all tools that will be effective in guarding your data center. It is equally important to note that securing the data center involves screening all the data that comes into the data center for any malicious data. There are usually more threats to data when it is being moved from one point to the other over a network. This then brings up the need to use authentic firewalls to restrict access to the network.

There are various categories of security tools that can be used to protect the data center security. These tools are broken down to various effective categories. The categories are Application Security, Extensible Markup Language and Service Oriented Architecture; encryption tools for data in transit or at rest; identity and access management; log management; virtual firewalls and smart key management among other virtualization tools and data loss prevention tools. The using these tools in the right way, data center security will be enhanced and certainly be at its best.

Data monitoring is also essential when it comes to securing the data center. As a result of this there are many components that enhance securing of data. The components of data monitoring and reporting are system performance, data reporting systems, data customization and leveraging and converting transactional data. Data monitoring basically helps you know the kind of data that is entering the data center and by who the data has been sent. This way you are able to know the exact source of any malicious data. However, very few users know that the key to data security is protecting your personal data first. Here the user will have to understand the importance of personal information protection. Personal information is critical to anyone who would like to harm you in whatever way. By not protecting your data, you are giving such people an open way for them to harm you. This could be by using your credit card information, bank account details, medical record etc.

In such instance you may choose to use a firewall. Viruses and spyware will be scanned hence keeping any malicious software at bay. However, it is important to note that a firewall alone can not protect your data as well as you would want it to. For this reason, encryption is used. Data encryption protects your data from unwanted eyes. It also assists in the prevention of unauthorized users from sending or transmitting confidential or manipulating it. This is all possible thanks to data encryption coding. It is therefore important to put all these data center security measures in to practice for success ion securing your data.

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28 Nov

New security tools help to seal the cloud – Sprocket Networks

Computing is now cloud based! Cloud computing is basically the delivery of storage and computing ability or capacity to a group of end-users.  However, with this kind of arrangement there come a lot of risks to the data that is transferred amongst the various points. Since there is risk of data manipulation, vandalizing and even theft, there is need of setting up of functional and effective data security centers. Such data security centers need to take up the latest and most advanced security tools to help seal the gaps that may exist in the cloud.

However, it is not all data security tools that work well with the cloud computing providers. Some vendors have taken up the responsibility to come up with their own security tools to curb the insecurity experienced in cloud computing. There are even some vendors that don’t allow you as the user to manage your cloud whether internal or external as a single unit. Such vendors don’t let you allocate additional security systems under the operating system. Here you will have to trust your cloud vendor’s security level. You may also choose to stick with a private cloud within your own firewall or you can even create an external environment using your own network at an external site hence keeping storage under your control.

A public cloud will require your attention pertaining to components like the load balancers, network firewall and network address translation that will hide the public internet protocol address that your provider will assign your server. It does not matter the model you choose, whether Software as a Services (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) or Platform as a Service(PaaS), the automatic and consistent processes needed for cloud deployment improve security as well as increase reliability, efficiency and performance.

The use of data security tools to help tackle threats on data at the various data security centers are categorized according to the level of security. These categories include SOA, XML and Application Security. There are also categories like encryption tool for data whether in transit or at rest, smart key management, identity and access management, log management and virtual firewalls as well as other virtualization tools, data loss prevention. This is basically introducing available security structures into the cloud hence various tools will be needed depending on the cloud layers. However, some tools already exist.

In the SaaS layer, all applications by the provider usually run on cloud infrastructure and are entirely accessed over a web browser. In this case you will not be able to manage the servers, networks, operating systems, individual applications and storage. It is therefore up to the vendor to secure the platform.

The PaaS Layer on the other hand allows you to create application using the many programming languages and tools offered by the vendor. You can then deploy these applications into the cloud infrastructure. Here, security issues involving the management APIs like authorization, auditing and authentication should be put into consideration by the user.

With IaaS you will have fewer options when it comes to security capability integration beyond infrastructure protection. However, there is a lot of extensibility. This means that it is up to the user to ensure that they manage and secure all operating systems, content and applications usually through API.

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07 Nov

Data Center And Security – How Sprocket Networks Can Help

Sprocket Networks is a provider of various information hosting models and services with esteemed clients around the globe for Data Center Security . The key services offered are Shared and Managed Services, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Based Hosting, Dedicate server hosting and Collocation.  Today’s business runs on information technology to enable communication and to increase the data storage capacity of the entire network.  The networks not only contains workstations but many other storage facilities, involves huge volume of data transfer and other technical components.

Data Center Security  Colocation service from Sprocket Networks  provides centralized operation of network hardware in secure and private data center. Sprocket Networks have various server hosting plans.  A dedicated data center with spaces for equipments and sufficient transactional bandwidth is available on the network. The Data Center Security  Colocation services low cost complex techniques for providing physical security for server, power and cooling services.

Sprocket Networks Data Center Security dedicated server hosting service offers networks with very high performance. These types of service are used by websites that have a higher volume of user traffic. Dedicated server hosting providers make use of extreme security measures to ensure the safety of data residing on the servers. The level of management implemented on dedicated server hosting depends on the services provided.

The Cloud Based Hosting plans from Sprocket Network Data Center Security service blends Cloud Computing Infrastructure with zero downtime.  All the hardware involved are fully redundant. During any failure, the nodes will automatically switch to the spare hardware configured, which is available for fail over.  Many different versions of operating systems and network configurations  are made available for Cloud Based Hosting service. The gap between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services is bridged by the use of virtual private servers. The cost involved is also less when compared with dedicated server hosting.

Sprocket Networks Data Center Security shared hosting service offers portioned space for many clients for data storage on the same server. The partition separates each client’s data from one another. This is the most preferred form of hosting service from Sprocket Networks Data Center Security  services as the cost involved in data hosting is shared by several clients together. A wide range of extendable features usually forms the part of the hosting plan.

The managed services from Sprocket Networks helps customers to focus on core business. The overhead of managing network related services is managed by an expert team from Sprocket Networks Data Center Security. Customized services are offered to all clients which ensures optimized operations values on investment made.  Business will be benefitted with scalable network performance.  With the help of direct team of experts, all network related issues can be cleared immediately. A proactive mode of network monitoring strategy thus helps to resolve issues without affecting the daily operations.

Having an inexperienced team to handle IT Services can lead to many performance issues within the network. Sprocket Networks Data Center Security  services provides business with the right systems, and solutions architecture from the inception phase. This helps to negate unexpected interruptions that can create business distractions.

Sprocket Networks service level agreement ensures the business operations are not affected with any network downtime. With the service-credits,  Sprocket Networks Data Center Security services assure network availability round the clock.  Sprocket Networks partners with IT infrastructure to ensure cost-effective data center security service availability for the business.

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24 Oct

Cloud Brings Significant Business Viability – Sprocket Networks

Of all the changes that technology has brought to modern business, none are as significant as the move to remote hosted or “cloud based” computing.

In a nutshell, cloud computing allows a business to run all of its daily operations without the need for a complicated IT structure. No large scale networks, no large IT department and no large capital investments in servers, backup systems or associated hardware. An example might be your phone system.

Up until recently, most companies needed a complicated business telecommunications system in order to enjoy feature like multiple lines, multiple extensions, individualized voice mail and so forth. However in today’s world, even a small company can enjoy the power of a massive business phone system without investing in the hardware or the staff to install and configure it. Modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) requires no upfront outlay of capitol and offers huge cost savings while losing none of the features. The system itself is completely maintained by the provider allowing you to concentrate on what’s important—conducting business.

Another popular feature is remote data backup. Your data is your life when it comes to running a business and keeping it safe is as important as meeting quarterly goals. Traditionally, data backup requires an IT team member to manage a backup system (most likely a tape backup system) which means added expense in terms of hardware, software and personnel. With cloud backup solutions, your data is backed up offsite (securely…almost all providers offer bank level encryption) and is immune to fires, floods or errant asteroids that might come pay a visit to your company. There is no need to purchase expensive additional equipment.

If disaster were to strike, your data is safe and secure and waiting for you to simply restore it. The same features would also apply to a cloud based phone system.

Changes are, you already are using cloud based computing. Cloud based service providers have pioneered services that offer everything from simple file storage to impressive accounting and project management systems. Save your files to DropBox? MS SkyDrive? Call friends on Skye? These are all cloud based services.

Cloud based computing continues to grow exponentially thanks to the fact the concerns most business

owners normally voice (Is my data secure? How can I access if needed? Is this horribly expensive?) have been addressed. The data and systems can be secured using bank level encryption, the systems are available when needed and accessible from anywhere in the world, thanks to web based portals.

Cloud based services stand to offer as large a revolution to business owners as the introduction of the Internet itself. You owe it to your bottom line to begin investigating the services which make sense for you.

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