30 Jan

Is Arizona A Good Place for a DR (Disaster Recovery) Site?

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Modern organizations face varied challenges such as economic crises and stiff competition, which is coupled by the rapidly changing political, social, legal, technological, economic, environmental and financial forces. These challenges makes doing business in modern business environments an intricate affair. To be successful, these organizations have learned the art of identifying possible risks and crises and effectively and efficiently preparing for them.

Disasters are among the most unpredictable crises that modern organizations face and the ability to sufficiently prepare, prevent and manage them helps safeguard against panic, minimize severity of damages done and allow implementation of successful recovery operations. Identifying a suitable disaster recovery site is a fundamental issue that you should take into account when designing and developing your disaster management plan. So, does Arizona fit as a good place for a disaster recovery site?

Why Arizona Is A Good Place for A DR (Disaster Recovery) Site

If you are thinking of setting up your disaster recovery site in Arizona, there are fundamental issues that you need to be aware of. This is because, whether Arizona is a suitable place for you as a disaster recovery site will depend on two key factors and they include

The Ease in Accessing Arizona as a Disaster Recovery Site

According to the Arizona Division of Emergency Management, the need to ensure business continuity following a disaster dictates that disaster recovery sites to be as far away as possible from the immediate crisis one is planning for and still close enough for the disaster management team to reach it as quickly as possible. To achieve this balance is easier said than done. Therefore, Arizona is a good place for a DR site for organizations and institutions that are far enough based on the type of disaster they are planning for, and those that are close enough to arrive promptly at the disaster recovery site in Arizona.

Geographical Dispersal

Nothing makes a disaster seems worse than it actually is than situating a disaster recovery site in a place that on the day the disaster strikes, the disaster recovery site is similarly affected. This often will arise when your disaster recovery site is located in a place with similar geographical characteristics as your disaster area in terms of sharing similar climatic conditions and fault lines sharing similar power grid, being serviced by similar utility providers and using similar telecommunication systems. It is critical that the disaster recovery site is in a place that has geographical dispersal, that is, a place with different geographical characteristics. Therefore, Arizona is a good place for a DR site if you are in an area that does not share Arizona’s weather conditions or fault lines among other geographical elements.

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05 Jan

Why Dallas Is The Best Place To Host Your Services

DallasWhich city offers the best hosting services in the country?  This is a question many business operators are asking as they seek to maximize their online business potential.  In the last couple of years, the city of Dallas, Texas has seen major growth in the business sector. Being the 3rd largest city in the state of Texas and 8th in the United States, Dallas has forged its way into the technology age and computer technology has become one of the driving forces of the city’s economy.  Dallas has been ranked 7th in the top 10 cities for businesses and careers by famously acclaimed Forbes magazine. In a 2011 article “The Next Big Boom Towns In the U.S,” Forbes said of Dallas, “It has emerged as major immigrant hubs and attracts newcomers seeking upward mobility and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

With one of the world’s busiest and largest airports, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas has become a major inland port.  The developing financial and business sector continues to grow and show no signs of abating.  The city’s major universities such as North Texas, Southwestern Medical and Texas Woman’s University support the growing competitive business sector.  With a yearly output of top graduates in the every field including computer technology, Dallas continues to thrive among the best in the country.

When it comes to hosting services it is the same.  World famous conglomerate hosting companies such as Greenhostit and VIRTBIZ have their data centers based in Dallas. Major companies and smaller companies offer all types of hosting options in Dallas.  This competiveness has ensured that the quality of hosting needs offered in Dallas is maintained at a high value.  Dallas has a great history of offering the best hosting services available worldwide; the city has built a reputation that has made it a major market player in the technology world and its reputation is held high.

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