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Windows or Linux – Which Should I Use?

Linux vs. Windows

It’s an ongoing debate in the web hosting world as to which server is best to use – Windows or Linux. Both Windows and Linux have their pros and cons and the best way to separate them is by comparing both Server Operating Systems.

Linux systems are more popularly used than Windows in the server world because it is open source. Open source means that Linux source code was made accessible to the public by its original developers. Thus, allowing users to make personal modifications allowing the use of third party software.  On the other hand, Windows server operating systems have licenses, which make it more costly to operate.

Linux, being an open source, takes much away from its security.  Hackers can locate flaws in the Linux operating system software because the codes are open to the public.  While security updates are constant, hackers will eventually find ways of going around them. Windows also have security issues, as many think the security updates are inferior in quality making it easier for hackers.  Linux’s open source nature makes it an easier target for hackers but Windows also needs to step up their security support.  Both Server Operating Systems have issues to deal with in regards to security.

Honestly, it’s difficult to say which Server Operating System is “better.”  The pro of one balances the con of the other. The popular and most used HTTP software, Apache, works on both.  Selecting which to use will depend on what is needed by the host.  Database systems (e.g. MySQL) and cross-platform script language are more Linux compatible.  Developers find it easier to generate more compatible Linux codes because it is open source.  Windows are better when it comes to proprietary Microsoft technologies (e.g. MSSQL and .NET).  Due to the non-access of third party developers to Windows source code, Windows has the advantage of making Windows based services much more compatible to the Operating System of the server.

Looking at the big picture, Linux and Windows don’t have any glaring differences.  In the recent years, significant improvements to both have made them almost similar to each other.  Whatever you need done on a Windows server can be done on a Linux server and visa-versa with little or no performance difference.  Selecting to use Linux or Windows will all come down to which of the two you personally prefer.

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21 Dec

SQL Server 2012 – Should We Use It Yet?


SQL Server 2012

Structured Query Language Server 2012 (SQL Server 2012) has been viewed by some as the best SQL Server released in over 5 years.  It has been the most anticipated and it has not disappointed.  Every new software released is met with skepticism. What is it about SQL Server 2012 that makes it so special?  SQL Server 2012 is intent on revolutionizing the perception of recovery and availability.  Presently, these concepts, recovery and availability, are viewed as individual databases (mirroring, replication, log shipping) or failover clustering which is a whole SQL Server instance.  SQL Server 2012 been designed to handle a collection of databases as a unit; this is with the enhancement of Failover Clustering. Dealing with databases as a group, other than individually, is called Availability Group.  This is required for today’s multi-database and complex applications. Availably Group permits a group of Databases to fail over as a single unit.  If there is a failure a single instance SQL server has the flexibility to fail over availability group to instance C, another availability group to instance D, and it goes on.


SQL Server 2012 has other included features that are implemented to make processing databases in a cloud easier. These features also quicken database movement between cloud and on-site server.  In SQL Server 2012 there are contained databases that were specifically built to address issues that arise when databases are moving between cloud and in-house servers. SQL Server Data Tools is a platform developed to create database solutions. It has been used in other targeted platforms such as the SQL 2005 and 2008 and also SQL Azure.  There are also options for applying changes to the server instance directly whether you are online or offline.  Data-tier application (DAC), which was introduced in SQL Server 2008 R2, is also in SQL Server 2012.  SQL 2012 with these features shows that Microsoft has signaled its intent to becoming the leading company in the growing field of big data.  I.T. professional will benefit if they begin using SQL 2012 as soon as possible.

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19 Dec

What Are The Attributes Of Cloud Servers Over Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers, bring another level to the technology world and for gamers it is and can be a network paradise. A cloud server does not have as many tools that you will have to be concerned about. The virtual attribute of a cloud server is one of it’s greatest benefits, and the portable network system is what draws businesses to the cloud server. A network that can be run remotely or locally is what the gamers want as well.

The hardware is simple for the server and the great news is not much changes with a dedicated server, which is another terrific feature. The cloud server brings the advanced technology into the simple world of web hosting, and the endless possibilities of what a virtual system can accomplish. Cloud servers, give you flexibility if you want a month to month plan, and the option to try it out first to see if it is the best option for you.

Web hosting, provides gamers the opportunity to be apart of a virtual process that gives networking the edge that some in web hosting are still considering. Many hesitate with cloud servers, because of the unknown process of how it all works on the virtual level. Dedicated servers, enhance the network with effectiveness, and the use of the old hardware, therefore these types of servers really help your business to thrive.

Sprocket networks provide colocation, dedicated servers, cloud based hosting, and managed services, the services and the growth this company has experienced is extraordinary. The network company not only provides servers but also are skilled in other network areas for the consumer. What is so fantastic about Sprocket networks is the other hosting services they have available. It is apparent that customer satisfaction is essential when you look at this networking company.

The data center that the Sprocket network system is able to provide gives the client everything that the center has to offer. Additionally, the quality of the services are the same at each data center. The technology is not compromised you will still get the same level of connectivity and support from every location.

With every service the features will vary based on what you are looking for, the options that are available and the plans. The wonderful part of this network company is  the innovation to customize the services you are looking for. Which gives you the cutting edge you want to experience in this advanced world of technology. Most plans are divided by geographical location therefore you can look in your region and find what is being hosted.

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15 Dec

Windows Server 2012 – Should We Use It Yet?

Windows Server 2012

Many people have viewed Microsoft’s latest Server Operating System, Windows Server 2012, as monumental.   In comparison to its predecessor, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 has many new upgrades and features that are geared towards efficiency and user friendliness. However with the release of new software brings skepticism and the question being asked is, “Should we use it yet?” Answering that question is dependent on Microsoft’s confidence in its newest Server Operating System and also what this new software offers. Jeffery Snover, a leading member of Windows Server 2012 development team made an interesting statement.  Upon completion of Windows Server 2012 he said, “Microsoft has traditionally taken a few versions of major software projects to get them to the point of full maturity. It’s significant that Windows Server 2012 has quite a few version 3.0 pieces including Hyper-V, PowerShell, SMB, and more.”  This shows that Microsoft invested heavily in the program to ensure its viability and effectiveness.  New features and upgrades are important to a user of which Windows Server 2012 offers many.  These range from storage of files to user interface that makes it much more appealing to the common business owner.  Lower management overhead, cost reduction and continuous availability were central in the development of the design themes.  Windows Server 2012 interface is similar to that of Windows 8 in concept.  Data storage is a huge deal and Windows Server 2012 allows users to access data and files whenever and wherever through public and private clouds.  Windows Server 2012 was designed to redefine server usage by providing hundreds of new features and improvements covering virtualization, automation, storage, cloud computing, networking, user experience, and more. It would take about 40 minutes to upgrade from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 and it is quite easy. The upgrade can be done without shutting down the server. Applications can run and there will be no loss of production.  Windows Server 2012 was developed thoroughly. The answer to the question, “Should we use Windows Server 2012 yet?” is you should have started using it yesterday.

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12 Dec

Linux Dedicated Servers Management Services by Sprocket Networks

Dedicated Servers are a kind of Web hosting where the customer rents a whole server and never have to share with anyone.It is also known as the managed hosting service. Dedicated Server hosts just your site. Which means that all space plus bandwidth of the web server will own only by you? You don’t have to actually share web hosting with some other companies. You may usually create your site just as big as you would like and can include a data bank for example buying carts in addition to running forums, which typically use up a large amount of space.

Dedicated Servers are for the expanding businesses to own greatest web hosting overall performance. Extremely-built-in web hosting alternatives regarding up-and-coming small to medium-sized businesses which cannot justify own internal facilities because of software difficulties and also finances/useful resource limitations.

Absolutely nothing could be even worse with an online business compared to the following scenario.

Clients not really are able to view your website since there isn’t adequate bandwidth, assuming the client to think the website is not anymore available. Shoppers not really believing the safety of your website due to the fact previous month their own visa or MasterCard data has been stolen from the web site wasn’t secure and protected. The significant restriction on websites regarding space which ultimately will cost you for all the shoppers.

A primary reason for selecting in order to use outsourcing dedicated servers may be the availability of super charged networks through a number of providers. Since dedicated server companies make use of substantial degrees of data transfer, they could acquire cheaper quantities centered prices to incorporate a multiple-supplier combination of bandwidth. This ensures which you have complete management covering the security of the server as well as your web site. You can include extra features that could make your website a lot safer, for the advantage of either your visitors in addition to you. Dedicated servers generally are expensive much more every month to keep; however there can be various capacities in addition to support designed for this kind of website hosting. While looking into the various choices in relation to dedicated servers on the net, you may usually discover anything from bigger web servers toward affordable dedicated servers.

That is a lot more flexible type compared to hosting that is shared, since businesses possess complete command across the web server such as range of operating-system, hardware, and so on. Hosting server management may generally possibly be offered by the actual web host just as one add-on services. Sometimes the dedicated server provides a lot less expense plus a bigger return. Globally Linux dedicated servers are among the most famous options amongst shared hosting providers. Along with an excellent automated software program to the website hosting dedicated servers real hands free operation makes managing a website hosting company super easy. Linux website hosting dedicated server enables both the cPanel and Plesk. The majority of the hosting services selects Linux dedicated server web hosting to offer hosting that is shared for their customers. Hosting server companies offering up Cpanel with WHM to make website hosting accounts to their clients. Linux dedicated web hosting in addition great for web sites that provide a huge data in a variety of methods.

Hope the above article gives complete information to readers on dedicated servers.

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05 Dec

Data Center Security – Sprocket Networks


When data moves from the one point to another especially over the cloud, there are potential dangers that are posed to the data. Coming up with methods with which data can be secured whether on transit or in the data center is therefore essential. Data security can be applied by the user or vendor depending on the platform or cloud the user decides to use. Simply put, data security is the practice of always keeping data protected from manipulation, corruption, interference and unauthorized access. Data security focuses to ensure privacy while at the same time protecting the data whether personal or corporate.

Data Center Security can be enhanced by the use and application of certain tools to this effect. It is import to realize that it is not all tools that will be effective in guarding your data center. It is equally important to note that securing the data center involves screening all the data that comes into the data center for any malicious data. There are usually more threats to data when it is being moved from one point to the other over a network. This then brings up the need to use authentic firewalls to restrict access to the network.

There are various categories of security tools that can be used to protect the data center security. These tools are broken down to various effective categories. The categories are Application Security, Extensible Markup Language and Service Oriented Architecture; encryption tools for data in transit or at rest; identity and access management; log management; virtual firewalls and smart key management among other virtualization tools and data loss prevention tools. The using these tools in the right way, data center security will be enhanced and certainly be at its best.

Data monitoring is also essential when it comes to securing the data center. As a result of this there are many components that enhance securing of data. The components of data monitoring and reporting are system performance, data reporting systems, data customization and leveraging and converting transactional data. Data monitoring basically helps you know the kind of data that is entering the data center and by who the data has been sent. This way you are able to know the exact source of any malicious data. However, very few users know that the key to data security is protecting your personal data first. Here the user will have to understand the importance of personal information protection. Personal information is critical to anyone who would like to harm you in whatever way. By not protecting your data, you are giving such people an open way for them to harm you. This could be by using your credit card information, bank account details, medical record etc.

In such instance you may choose to use a firewall. Viruses and spyware will be scanned hence keeping any malicious software at bay. However, it is important to note that a firewall alone can not protect your data as well as you would want it to. For this reason, encryption is used. Data encryption protects your data from unwanted eyes. It also assists in the prevention of unauthorized users from sending or transmitting confidential or manipulating it. This is all possible thanks to data encryption coding. It is therefore important to put all these data center security measures in to practice for success ion securing your data.

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