27 Sep

How To Secure Your Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers may be more secure than web hosting servers, however it does not mean that they are impervious to security risks. These security risks can range from various issues such as malicious attacks by hackers and viruses to hard disk crashes and data corruption. While dedicated hosting providers will leverage advanced security tactics to ensure the safety of your data, dedicated server clients should be aware of some of these tactics to establishing a secure dedicated server. We have listed some important steps to securing your server:

Secure Passwords

The first step when acquiring a new dedicated server is to change your passwords. Your host may have set a default password, which increases the risk of your password being vulnerable to hackers.  We recommend changing your passwords every quarter. Follow these guidelines to increase password security:

  • Try to avoid dictionary terms
  • If permitted, use a combination of letters, numbers, symbols and mixed cases
  • Choose passwords that will be difficult for a hacker to guess
  • Try not using words that are connected to your personal identity

Unnecessary Services

A good security measure on dedicated servers is to get rid of any unnecessary services. The less services you have running, resulting in fewer server ports being exposed, will greatly reduce the risk of attack.  For example, if you aren’t using FTP, just disable it.  If you do use it, ensure that you do not send passwords via FTP because they are sent in plain text and are easy targets for hackers.  SSH (secure shell) is much more secure than FTP.

Install a Firewall

A firewall is either a software or hardware solution that can detect intruders and control which ports on your server are open.  A good firewall can detect hacker attempts and notify you while they are going on.   A firewall is important for a dedicated server because even though a dedicated server is stand-alone, it still can be vulnerable to outside attacks.

Virus Protection Software

Viruses can be spread from a colleague’s infected computer to yours via email messages through their address book or they can be spread from an infected server to look like it is coming from a colleague’s email address.  Both of these methods may cause serious harm to your server and to your clients, so it is important that you take the necessary steps to prevent viruses from infecting your server.  There are various types of software that provide antivirus solutions such as SmarterMail and McAfee.

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25 Sep

Dedicated Server & Managed Hosting comparison

Whether a dedicated server or a managed hosting account will work for your organization depends in large part on its needs, and capabilities, as well as on the complexity of web site or application code you will be running.

Shared managed hosting is the most economical option, but the savings do come at a price. Your account may share a single server with other users, and you will be trusting the employees of the web host to spot any problems before they cause downtime for you. While this can work out well for some users, it means increased concern about security and therefore shared servers may restrict the number and type of scripts that you can run, for example.

Even if you get a dedicated server and have the web hosting company manage it for you, managed hosting still means you will be putting someone else in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of your server. Some organizations consider this critical and want to control the way this is done themselves. Certainly, managed hosting requires you to have faith in the integrity and competence of the web hosting staff. Your organization should definitely do some due diligence research before contracting out the management of enterprise-critical applications or databases.

But generally a dedicated server means a server that is solely for your use and is managed by you alone. This makes much more customization possible and even practical. Generally you will have full administrative rights over the hardware assigned to you, and will be able to manage and fine-tune the ports, memory or hard drive to suit your own needs. Because a dedicated server is allocated to you alone, concerns about what your scripts might do to other customers are no longer an issue and you in turn do not have to worry about theirs.

If your website involves unusual server-side includes or customer Perl scripts, you may need the lack of restrictions that comes with a dedicated server account. Similarly, if you anticipate unusual security risks such as denial of service attacks, or simply want the serenity that comes with hardening your server yourself, a dedicated server will allow you the freedom to take security measures that might not be possible if someone one the server might need a given port, even if you do not.

Administering a dedicated server requires the staff time and knowledge level to handle such issues with confidence, If you to not want to administer the machine yourself you are better off with managed hosting. Your hosting provider will probably be happy to handle this for you. The expense of having them do so can also be an issue, however. They have to pay their employees and given enough managed customers may need to hire more. So the staff time necessary for the maintenance of your server or for the administration of a customer database will certainly come with a price premium. You may also have a data transfer allowance and a penalty for exceeding it.

But since either dedicated servers or managed hosting accounts, whether dedicated or shared, use equipment that belongs to your hosting provider, your set-up costs and also ongoing costs will be lower than co-location, where you provide the hardware and are renting space in the data center and access to a high-speed data link. On the other hand, you only own the data on the server and cannot, as you can with co-location, simply pick up your equipment and leave.

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19 Sep

Linux Dedicated Servers, Linux Server Hosting

Need a dedicated server for all your business needs? If the answer is a yes, the Linux Dedicated Servers are the perfect solution to all your problems. When you think of Linux, all that comes to mind is a free and open source software development for your day to day gadgets. May it be in terms of using the software for the development of mobiles, tablets, routers, computers etc. You name it and you shall have it. But irrespective of what people say, it’s the best software when you want to base a lot of hardware on one single platform. Linux is one dedicated server, a one-stop shop for all your web hosting problems.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server, more than often, would be tuned to serve the needs of the server network. Not only it offers dedicated services to the webhost client, but also ensures the smooth functioning of the associated network of computers. What sets it truly apart is its flexibility, processing speed and quality of data transmission.

Things to know before buying a Dedicated Server:

Read Reviews: Before choosing your server company, make sure they have adequate support resources for your time of need. Do a lot of research and don’t jump into anything blindly. Check out some forum reviews about the targeted company and you shall have a fair view about what you’re getting into

  • Charges: Look for hidden charges before you sign up for a deal. Dedicated Servers are not cheap, so you should know where you’re putting your money and how much will you end up paying eventually
  • Location: If you’re situated in the US and are looking for a server hosting company in the UK, then it’s not a very good idea. It’s not that this idea will not work out, but the closer the server to your target audience, the better would be the speed and the services being offered


Exploring Linux Dedicated Servers

With Linux Dedicated servers by your side, you will never have to worry about soaring projection costs. Due to its simplicity, open to share hosting services and user friendly approach, Linux has become the all new favorite for companies wanting to venture into the web hosting domain.

What all do you get with a Linux Dedicated Server?


  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Open SUSE
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Benefits of using Linux:

It’s a free to all open source software

  • Couple Linux up with a dedicated server and observe how your costs roll down
  • It can be secured, if taken from the right web hosting company
  • It supports scripting when coupled up with programming languages like PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby on Rails
  • No need to purchase separate licenses for the different softwares being run on the Linux platform
  • Minimal maintenance – maximum performance
  • Easy management of high visitor intensive web sites
  • Prevents loss of data on dedicated servers

Disadvantages of using Linux:

The prime most disadvantage of using a Linux Dedicated Server would be the incompatibility with Windows OS

  • Cumbersome Coding is involved, especially when you have to recode everything according to a Windows server
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12 Sep

Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting

You may be aware that web hosting is of different types such as Cloud Hosting, dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting. If you are the webmaster or business owner running a web site, it would be your priority to simplify web hosting issues. Yet this simplicity does not mean insecurity. Each webmaster prefers sites to be hosted on secure, fast and reliable servers.

Web page inaccessibility can kill your business. It’s better to take time out of your busy schedule and consider shifting your site(s) from traditional servers to the more secured ‘Cloud-Based’ and dedicated servers.

Cloud computing is a new ‘client-server’ technology which is developed to access data from multiple devices connected online. In this type of dedicated server applications are placed in a ‘Cloud’ without the help of local computers or web servers.

There are several benefits of using cloud hosting services. You can easily scale up and maintain resources with the help of cloud computing. It has made it simpler to terminate bottlenecks and single point failure cases. It handles API calls in an easy and convenient manner and offers you SNS and SQS in order in order to distribute notifications and messages. With using RDS, S3 and SImpleDB, you can manage, share and distribute your data in the form of a simple database. You may host your websites on EC2 instances as well.

Cloud hosting ensures enhanced availability while eliminating worries of setup, hosting and maintenance.

Another option for hosting your web sites is Managed Hosting. This plan is good for those who do not have much technical knowledge and want a professional team to manage things. It contains all the main features of adedicated server.

Nowadays people are moving from self-managed server hosting to Managed Hosting because they don’t need to worry about the repair and maintenance tasks for their websites. It offers a large bandwidth and provides huge space to host your websites.

Now let’s turn to dedicated server Hosting. It is a type of hosting which lets you store and host a website on special servers dedicated for this task and you, as a web developer or administrator, would be in charge and make rules for hosting web sites.

dedicated server hosting is named so because it provides complete access to their servers. It’s unlike other hosting plans like Shared Hosting where you get access to only selected and limited resources. It is a powerful computer which works as a network server for only one account or domain name. In other words, it is an exclusive and rental use of a computer which provides above-mentioned services. As the server is not shared with anyone else, you as a client have full control on selecting hardware, operating system and application software. You may also get server administration services provided as add-on for your package.

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06 Sep

Dedicated Servers with Windows Server 2012 Now Available

Sprocket Networks is proud to announce the availability of Windows Server 2012 to the line of available OSes for our Dedicated Server offerings. Microsoft has streamlined the OS platform to only include Standard and Data Center editions with the Standard edition including more of the Enterprise features from versions before.
Microsoft has gone to great pains to make this release of their flagship Server OS as cloud ready and virtualization ready as possible for all of our customers hosting needs and Sprocket Networks is very proud to be able to offer it!
Microsoft has improved HyperV dramatically to enhance virtualization:
Microsoft has also included Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in Windows Server 2012 makeing it possible for users to access IT from anywhere:
Also, Microsoft has increased the flexibility of the netwoking features:
Finally, Microsoft continues to grow its Web and Application Platform:
To order today, please visit:
To find out more Contact Us Here
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05 Sep

Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Hosting Plans

If your traffic has increased and you are using a shared server, sometimes it might cause your website to be down for a couple of minutes or even hours. So when it happens it is time to consider renting a dedicated server. Another reason for renting a dedicated server is that if you are a serious business and you are offering services or products to your customers, you should give priority to a high quality dedicated server to avoid any problems with your customers. In this article we are going to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a dedicated server and some tips you should follow before hiring them. Have a view on its’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of dedicated servers

*The benefits are obvious the main one is that a dedicated server is a machine dedicated just for your site, which can be very comfortable for a large number of visitors per month. This means that we are no longer going to have our visits down or to be worry about disk space.

*Safe environment for your.

*You are able to control the server.

*It increases security, because we do not need to share our machine with others clients.
*It gives you more storage space, since all the available disk is just for us.

*When you buy dedicated servers you can decide how it will be configured what programs it will use and we can uninstall those that we do not want to use.

*Some experts also believe that buying a dedicated server improves your websites ranking in search engines (Google. Yahoo, Bing. etc..).

Disadvantages of a dedicated server

*The biggest disadvantage of hiring a dedicated server is the price which can cost you 5 and even 15 times more than a shared hosting.

*They are much expensive, and it is not a choice for companies with little traffic, or for companies whose database is not important.

*It can be very complicated if you do not have some skills to carry this out , server’s administration is complex to manage

*Another disadvantage is that some dedicated servers do not offer you too much flexibility.

Tips to follow before renting for a dedicated server.

1)  Reliability

Reliability is not something you find by just taking a look at the website that is offering you a dedicated server. You have to do some serious research to get all the pros and cons. It is always a good idea to read what other customers are saying about it. To do this, just search on Google for related phrases on forums, blogs and other sites. If you read too many negative reviews you should move on with another company.

2)  Cost

We are all looking for a fair price. A dedicated server is not exactly cheap. But if you’ve found a list of potential candidates you should check and compare them out. You should go for a reasonable price that fits your budget. You should evaluate things like how much RAM it offers disk space, transfer bandwidth, and very important if they have support team 24 hours a day.

3)  Support

You should look for a company that is ready to help you at any time, imagine what would happen if you are under a DDoS attack and nobody helps you. It is important to have a dedicated server that cares about us.

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